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Anna M. Gassol

Doctor of Psychology and Jungian Analyst

Associate Professor, University of Barcelona


I see individuals and couples in my private practice, normally in the role of a psychotherapist and analyst with a Jungian orientation. I also attend children and teens not only as a therapist but as a psycho-pedagogue as well, being specialised in cognitive assessment and diagnosis of learning problems.


My sessions of analysis and therapy are normally held weekly, or twice weekly if requested by a client, and run 55 to 60 minutes, although an initial session may extend to 75 minutes.  I make every effort to provide new clients with an established hour and day from the beginning so that therapy sessions are protected and assured within a regular schedule for the client and myself.

Psychotherapy and analysis require a strong and often long-term commitment on both the part of the analyst and the analysand, and I urge clients to dedicate sufficient time and energy to their work with me.


I carry out therapeutic treatment of psychological suffering, mental disorders, and psychopathologies through dialogue and reflection.

  • depression 

  • anxiety 

  • obsessions 

  • schizophrenia 

  • eating disorders 

  • addictions

  • relationship problems (couples, sexuality, etc.)

  • questioning of the meaning of life

  • professional and vocational orientation

  • family and orientation/education of children

  • adolescent problems

  • learning difficulties and educational orientation


In analysis we investigate the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements of the mind through such activities as dream interpretation.

My analysands are persons interested in expanding and deepening their conscious comprehension of daily issues related to family, relationships, sexuality, health, the needs of cultural adaptation, vocation, creativity, etc.



I work with students training to become Jungian analysts and psychotherapists by way of personal analysis, therapy, and case supervision.


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