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Depth Psychology: C.G. Jung

In Jungian analysis, The analyst and the analysand sitting face to face are mutually involved in a both conscious and unconscious interactive process. 

The aim of such kind of dialectical procedure is individuation, the process by which a person becomes himself or wholly individuated; that is a separate, indivisible unity or whole.  In other words, the person becomes conscious in respect that he or she is both a unique human being and, at the same time, no more than a common man or woman.  In order to become whole, not only consciousness but also the unconscious needs to participate.  Therefore, the soul is involved.  Psychology cannot explain soul, but Jungian psychologists must care for the soul and be passionate caretakers of it as well.        

A truth of analytical psychology is far from similar to the type of truth with which experimental psychologists deal because, as it refers to the reality of the psyche, this psychic reality is conceived as different from only mental contents and behaviour.  The nature of psychic reality can only be meaningfully grasped, but never submitted to experimental examination.  In analysis we approach the unconscious as an indispensable requirement to attain the inner.  We use dreams, for example, as the “language” through which we know of the unconscious, but without the intention to submit either the unconscious or the dreams to examination or any other type of constriction.  Analysis means, in this case, amplification, and so the images in dreams want to be amplified by way of the individual’s personal association; they should never be reduced as these images are metaphors of the unconscious life.

Analytical psychology, in order to work out the process of individuation, focuses on the processes of the unconscious along with empirical facts of the individual’s biography with the understanding that those truths have been experienced by that individual both objectively and subjectively, as is the nature of life experience itself.

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